05 - 12 - 2015

Make Auditioning a Fun Experience

An audition is an opportunity to showcase your talent and explore what you can bring to the character. Most actors and actresses place a great deal of pressure on themselves before an audition. Such pressure will likely cause problems including forgetting lines, a nervous tone in the voice, and not allowing the casting directors to see what you can do. It’s important to know that you may have to audition multiple times until you portray the right image casting directors are looking for. Many times, casting directors are only looking for an image or a look, and the actual reading of the lines are perfected later. If you forget lines or mess up your monologue during an audition, just relax and play the character. The casting director will get a feel right away if you are what they are looking for. Above all, act professional.

Another important tip to remember is to not read into the casting directors’ body language or attitude because that will play with your emotions and affect your performance. Most casting directors are extremely busy and have a million things going on at one time. If they aren’t looking directly at you or if they are eating lunch while you’re auditioning, don’t take it personally. Again, just perform to your utmost ability and you will get positive feedback. Have fun with auditioning as you will be doing it many times and, eventually, you will find you’re niche and the role you were meant to play. If you are interested in getting more information about perfecting your acting skills, talk with VLTRA Talent about representation, resources, classes, coaches, workshops, and more.

03 - 06 - 2015

Tips for the Go-See

A Go-See is the auditioning process for models. The Go-See is the most important aspect of a model’s career as it is his or her first impression to the brands that will potentially hire. The most important tip when attending a Go-See is to be on time. Tardiness is the first sign to a brand that you are unreliable and unprofessional.

When you get to your Go-See destination, sign in. Make sure you bring your portfolio in case it is requested. Most likely you will wait before being seen, so take that time to ensure you look your best. Your hair, makeup, and wardrobe must be camera ready. The casting director will take photos of you and ask you some questions. Be prepared with well thought answers and a comfortable delivery. Be respectful of the designer, photographer, casting director, or whoever you are meeting. Don’t keep these individuals waiting, simply show them what you’ve got and move on to the next Go-See. Just like an actor has to keep auditioning, a model must keep attending Go-Sees.

Getting hired for any type of modeling job is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. Often, being in the right place at the right time is half the battle. If you are having trouble making a favorable impression at your Go-Sees, contact VLTRA Talent. We can assist you with your image and work together on ideas of how to present and market yourself successfully. It only takes one premier opportunity to get your career off to a fantastic start.

12 - 03 - 2014

Getting a Record Label’s Attention

The music industry is saturated with artists both new and established representing all types of musical genres and styles. There are two key points for getting a major record label to pay attention: the first is having talent; the second, is knowing how to monetize your marketability. If you can present these two vital assets to a record label, you can almost guarantee they will, at the very least, take notice.

Talent is the most important overall quality an artist must have. Yet, there are many talented singers, bands, and performers who never get signed. The question is “why?” It could be many factors, but a trend that is occurring in this era is lack of originality. Many artists take their talent and use it to replicate other successful, more established artists, thinking, “well it worked for them, so it might work for me.” Such a notion is completely wrong. While it may establish you with some degree of marketability, it will restrain you from exploring your real talent and capabilities. You may have something completely new, different, and unique to offer, but your replicated presentation never offers you the ability to discover that uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to be different because it may catapult you to success. The industry is always in need of real talent and originality. Be creative, be yourself, let your talent shine through, and your career will begin to take shape. On the other hand, marketability is the business component of the music industry that you must take into consideration. Do your research and find out how the business side of the music industry works. With this knowledge, develop your creative packaging in a way that will appeal to music executives. If you can express how your image will sell and make the record label money, you will be taken much more seriously than your competition. For example, put a demo together, utilize social media, create artwork for your album cover, and have realistic goals. Put all your ideas together is a clear, concise way and be ready to explain them to a record label. By engaging in this type of business strategy development, you are taking control of your image and creativity. However, a record label may not agree with you and may want to change aspects of your vision. Don’t be insulted or unwilling to entertain the new ideas.

At VLTRA Talent, we can help you develop your marketability platform to ensure that when approaching record labels you are doing so in the best possible way.

10 - 27 - 2014

The Art of Marketing Your Business Through Speaking Engagements

Business owners understand the importance of dynamic marketing. One area of marketing that is often overlooked is Speaking Engagements. There are a multitude of benefits to arranging a professional speaking engagement highlighting a relevant topic to your industry, yourself, and your company. Whether you are looking to educate and deliver an important message to a large audience, or are looking to dispense advice in a small, intimate setting, speaking engagements provide the general public with the opportunity to get to know you and assess your competency, which will ultimately result in positive growth for you and/or your business.

As a byproduct of participating in professional speaking engagements, your image gains legitimate exposure, press, and attention. Often times, this marketing technique can be cost effective as the amount of business generated following an engagement often outweighs any expense incurred in attending. Eventually, with name notoriety, speaking engagements become a paid-for service, which you can directly capitalize upon.

For more information on how VLTRA Talent can assist you in developing a speaking engagement platform for your personal brand or business, call us today.